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Movie - A Close Shave (1910)

I enjoyed A Close Shave movie

Movie Is being made - in 1910.

Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Short, Comedy
Languages: English
Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:168.55 m, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.33 : 1
Release Dates: USA:21 September 1910

In movie played:

Augustus Carney (actor)
Spouse:'Margaret Joslin' (qv) (? - ?) (first husband)
Death Date:1920

J. Warren Kerrigan (actor)
Nick Names:The Gibson Man
Death Notes:Balboa Beach, California, USA (pneumonia)
Very in demand American big name of quiet films who departed the conglomerate at the stretch of his profession. While narrowly contained by his teens, he work near set of contacts of a warehouse clerk until a indiscriminate arrived to launch in a vaudeville profitability. He countless to achievement in traveling cattle production, nevertheless he take a endorsement instance towards the facade the produce to attend the University of Illinois. By the time he be thirty, he individual begin to filch home appearance in films all for Essanay and Biograph. A covenant with the American Film Corporation open the door to central role, commonly as a well-dressed and all right turned-out man-about-town. Universal Pictures lure him with a better-quality set-up and he briskly rose to stardom here. A glib notice by the cross of all side his refusal to enlist in the American army after the U.S. corridor into World War I fee him both kindness with audience and the espouse of the studios. He switch on to effort less important amount constantly and for more less important studios. When administrator 'James Cruze' (qv) make him as the rugged head in _The Covered Wagon (1923)_ (qv), Kerrigan found himself support on climax, appear in dashing lead in several focal pictures. However, inwardly a year, he contracted to desert his envisage career while at its zenith. His stardom had given him the freedom to playing of your individual accord and smoothly lacking compatible, which be how he lived out the catnap of his enthusiasm. Supposedly he made a few trivial appearances in following roles lately back his annihilation in June, 1947.
Birth Notes:Louisville, Kentucky, USA (other sources say 1880)
Birth Name:Kerrigan, George Warren
Brother of actress 'Kathleen Kerrigan' (qv)., Most sources give Kerrigan's birth name as either James Warren Kerrigan or Jack Warren Kerrigan., According to family members, as chronicled by author/biographer, William J, Mann in "Behind The Screen" (2001), it was far more than Kerrigan's stance on The Big War and who should have to be drafted that put a damper on his career, but his refusal to marry, his dedication to his mother and to his lover, James Vincent, all of whom were ensconced in one home, that also contributed to the end of his reign in Hollywood. In the changing times of the early studios, without the "protection" of a business manager and publicist , Warren J. Kerrigan, was at the mercy of a ruthless public., In the 1920s, he lived with his mother and his life partner at 2307 Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, in an area now very close to the Hollywood Bowl and the Cahuenga entrance to the 101 Freeway.
Death Date:9 June 1947
Birth Date:25 July 1879

John B. O'Brien (actor)
Articles:"Classic Images" (USA), December 1992, Iss. 210, pg. 51, by: George Katchmer, "Remembering the Great Silents", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 22 December 1917, pg. 1820, "Director O'Brien Gets Detail", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 17 November 1917, pg. 1010, "John B. O'Brien, Director", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 11 November 1916, pg. 867, "John B. O'Brien Joins Thanhouser", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 7 October 1916, pg. 83, "Director John B. O'Brien with Metro", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 15 January 1916, pg. 397, "New Directors for Famous Players", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 14 December 1912, pg. 1091, "John B. O'Brien, Director [with Circle Ranch Film Co.]"
Death Notes:Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Notes:Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Death Date:15 August 1936
Birth Date:13 December 1884

Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson (director)
Appeared in the 'Alkali Ike' series beginning in 1912., Appeared in the 'Snakeville Comedy' series beginning in 1911., In 1907 he co-founded Essanay Film Manufacturing Company., Daughter Maxine Anderson., Bronco Billy's birth year is sometimes given as 1882 or 1883. According to the census records for Pulaski County, Arkansas (4 June 1880) he was born in 1880., Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 2002., Profiled in "Back in the Saddle: Essays on Western Film and Television Actors", Gary Yoggy, ed. (McFarland, 1998).
Death Notes:Los Angeles, California, USA
American actor-director-writer-producer, father of the pictures cowboy, and the former Western superstar. A aboriginal of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Anderson grasp work by job of a photographer's zenith example and broadsheet wholesaler back baggy into acting. He perform delimited by vaudeville before joining forces beside 'Edwin S. Porter' (qv) as an thespian and occasional letters collaborator. In Porter's startling hasty motion figure 'Great Train Robbery, The (1903)', Anderson play several role and afterward switch against to keep in touch, funnel, and manual labour in his individual Westerns. In 1907, he and 'George K. Spoor' (qv) found Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, preordained be one of the predominant early studios. Anderson gain giant popularity in a run of hundreds of Western shorts, playing the first authentic cowboy hero, "Broncho Billy." Writing and direct dominant of the films, Anderson also found juncture to direct a series of "Alkali Ike" funniness Westerns starring 'Augustus Carney' (qv). In 1916, Anderson sold his ownership in Essanay and retire from acting. He return New York and attain the Longacre Theatre and produced the podium near, however in need long-term glory. He next made a short-lived comeback as a maker with a series of shorts with 'Stan Laurel' (qv). But conflict with the studio (Metro) lead him retire again after 1920. He unbroken to cultivate films as landowner of Progressive Pictures into the 1950's. In his seventies, he come to dual carriageway lamp of retirement in favour of a cameo role in the _The Bounty Killer (1965)_ (qv). He had be presented with an honorary Oscar in 1957 as a "motion picture pioneer, for his contributions to the footfall wakeful of motion pictures as entertainment." Anderson die in 1971 at the age of 88.
Birth Notes:Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Books:David Kiehn. _Broncho Billy and the Essanay Film Comany._ Farwell Books, 2003.
Other Works:Stage, vaudeville, and television actor, film director and screenwriter. Anderson also was active on Broadway as a producer., Frivolities of 1920 (1920). Musical revue. Producer. 44th Street Theatre: 8 Jan 1920- Mar 1920 (closing date unknown/61 performances)., I Love You (1919). Written by 'William LeBaron' (qv). Booth Theatre (moved to The 48th Street Theatre from 2 Jun 1919 to close): 28 Apr 1919- unknown (56 performances). Cast: 'Richard Dix (I)' (qv), Gilbert Douglas, Doris Mitchell, Gypsy O'Brien, 'Diantha Pattison' (qv), Robert Strange, Ruth Terry, John Westley. Produced by 'Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson' (qv)., Just Around the Corner (1919). Written by 'George V. Hobart' (qv) and Herbert Hall Winslow. Longacre Theatre: 5 Feb 1919- Feb 1919 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: 'Glenn Anders' (qv), Lorin Baker, Eugenie Blair, Roy Briant, Marie Bryar, Marie Cahill, Margaret Hoffman, Clara Mackin, 'George MacQuarrie (I)' (qv), Lulu McGuire, Charles Morrison, Wallace Owen, Wilson Reynolds. Produced by 'Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson' (qv) (credited as G.M. Anderson)., Nothing But Lies (1918). Written by 'Aaron Hoffman (I)' (qv). Co-producer. Longacre Theatre: 8 Oct 1918- Feb 1919 (closing date unknown/135 performances). Cast included: Jane Blake, 'Malcolm Bradley' (qv), 'James Bryson (II)' (qv), Gordon Burby, 'William Collier Sr.' (qv), 'Harry Cowley' (qv), 'Florence Enright' (qv), 'Riley Hatch' (qv), 'Rapley Holmes' (qv), Frank Monroe, 'Clyde North' (qv), 'Robert Strange (I)' (qv), 'Grant Stewart (I)' (qv), 'Olive Wyndham' (qv). Co-produced by L. Lawrence Weber., Yes or No (1917). Written by Arthur Goodrich. 48th Street Theatre (moved to The Longacre Theatre from 21 Jan 1918 to close): 21 Dec 1917- Apr 1918 (closing date unknown/147 performances). Cast included: John Adair, Lois Bartlett, Byron Beasley, Malcolm Duncan, Kalman Polini, Frank Wilcox, Marjorie Wood. Producer and director., The Very Idea (1917). Written by 'William LeBaron' (qv). Astor Theatre: 9 Aug 1917- Aug 1917 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Mabel Allan, Richard Bennett, William Probert Carleton, Ruth Collins, Josephine Drake, Dorothy MacKaye, Florence Oakley, 'Purnell Pratt' (qv) (as "George Green"), 'Ernest Truex' (qv) (as "Gilbert Goodhue"). Produced by 'Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson' (qv) and L. Lawrence Weber., His Little Widows (1917). Musical comedy. Co-producer. Astor Theatre: 30 Apr 1917- 30 Jun 1917 (72 performances). Co-produced by L. Lawrence Weber., The Big Show (1916). Musical. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Hippodrome Theatre: 31 Aug 1916- 5 May 1917 (425 performances). Undetermind role (credited as Max Aronson). Produced by 'Charles B. Dillingham' (qv)., The Auto Race (1907). [Composed with The Battle of Port Arthur]. Co-producer. Hippodrome Theatre: 25 Nov 1907- 23 May 1908 (312 performances). Co-produced with Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert., Life (1902). Drama. Written by Anson Pond. Producer. Garden Theatre: 31 Mar 1902- Apr 1902 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Undetermined role (credited as Max Aronson). Cast included: 'Sydney Booth' (qv), 'Minnie Dupree' (qv), Stanley Jessup, Kate Lester., Active on Broadway as an actor, producer and director from 1902-20.
Birth Name:Aronson, Max H.
Spouse:'Mollie Schabbleman' (11 July 1910 - 20 January 1971) (his death); 1 child
Death Date:20 January 1971
Portrayed:_Chaplin (1992)_ (qv)
Birth Date:21 March 1880

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