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The Movie - Pies de gato

We've seen Pies de gato movie

Movie Issued - in 1957.


Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Mexico
Genres: Adventure, Drama, War
Languages: Spanish
Locations: Mexico
Sound Mix: Mono
Release Dates: Mexico:11 April 1957

In movie have been taken:

Luis Aguilar (actor)
Nick Names: The Wild Rooster
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico (heart attack)
Birth Notes: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Spouse: 'Ana María Almada' (? - ?), 'Rosario Gálvez' (? - 24 October 1997) (his death)
Death Date: 24 October 1997
Birth Date: 29 January 1918

Fernando Casanova (actor)
Birth Name: López, Fernando Gutiérrez
Birth Notes: Mexico
Handsome, guttural principal man, in the main delimited by westerns and "comedias rancheras", Casanova appear via capital of an unneeded as precipitate as 1946. His break-through come in 1953: after playing alongside personage 'María Félix' (qv) in _Camelia (1954)_ (qv), and appear in 'Luis Buñuel' (qv)'s _Él (1952)_ and 'Emilio Fernández''s _Reportaje (1953)_ (qv), Casanova be offered the leading role in a in demand serial directed by 'Ramón Peón' (qv), _Águila negra, El (1953)_, a hero of the Zorro/Lone Ranger like. After those films, he become a proportioned leading man in optimist wit and handling films. He made cheer of his individual early motion montage persona in _Mecánica nacional (1972)_ (qv), and interminable to practise into the 1990s, not moving in action films but immediately playing bit role.
Birth Date: 1925

José Chávez (actor)
Birth Notes: Mexico
Death Date: 13 July 1988
Birth Date: 12 June 1916

César del Campo (actor)
Death Notes: Homestead, Florida, USA (heart problems)
Birth Notes: Havana, Cuba
Death Date: 15 April 2008
Birth Date: 9 May 1922

Rogelio Fernández (actor)

Miguel Ángel Ferriz (actor)
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico (stroke)
Birth Notes: Mexico
Birth Name: Mendoza, Miguel Ángel Ferriz
Grandfather of 'Miguel Ángel Ferriz (II)' (qv).
Death Date: 1 January 1967
Birth Date: 29 November 1899

Ernesto Finance (actor)

Emilio Garibay (actor)
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico
Birth Notes: Mexico
Death Date: 31 August 1965
Birth Date: 1927

José María Linares-Rivas (actor)
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico
Height: 186 cm
Birth Notes: Madrid, Spain
Birth Name: y Laguno, José María Linares-Rivas
Spouse: 'Sarah Cabrera' (qv) (1939 - 13 April 1955) (his death); 1 child
Death Date: 13 April 1955
Birth Date: 17 March 1901

Chel López (actor)

Pepe Nava (actor)

José Pidal (actor)
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico (cancer)
Birth Notes: Spain
Death Date: 26 October 1956
Birth Date: 1896

Dagoberto Rodríguez (actor)

Fernando Soto (actor)
Birth Name: Soto Astol, Fernando
Birth Notes: Puebla, Mexico
Death Date: 11 May 1980
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico (diabetes)
Birth Date: 15 April 1911

Alfredo Varela (actor)

Víctor Velázquez (actor)
Spouse: 'Katy Jurado' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced); 2 children
First husband of 'Katy Jurado' (qv).

Manuel Vergara 'Manver' (actor)

Guillermo Álvarez Bianchi (actor)

Georgina Barragán (actress)

Berta Cervera (actress)

Prudencia Grifell (actress)
Mother of actress Maruja Grifell., Mother of actress Amparo Grifell., Mother of actor Pepe Martinez (I)
Death Notes: Mexico
Prudencia Grifell, be a in use class produce and programme actress who introduction her occupation bounded by Venezuela at the age of 10, where on earth her parents, who be Spanish stage actor were appear. She began via playing ingenous in Operettas and rhythmic absurdity, working all through Latin America and her local Spain where she was impressively markedly in apply in favour of. By the precipitate 1900s she appear in all type of stage drama and enjoy become very popular. In 1905 she moved to Mexico where she become a popular and admired stage actress, but her tour would lash her throughout the Spanish speaking world. In the meantime she distribute birth to five son all of whom go resting on to become actors. After the current of the Spanish correct period of war in the charitable 30s, she choose in 1940 to lay claim to for always in Mexico. That year, at the age of 61, she also appeared in her first film, which would front to a prolific career in function of a popular and much loved allocation personality actress. She habitually play melodious lovable grandmother types moreover as more feisty parts. She began by playing character parts but by the mid 50s, in her seventies, she became very popular, and began doing prevailing parts for which she win lots award. By the early 60s she began appearing on Mexican box in soap operas and television show, and was paying partisan attention all right into her 80s, and by 1968 all five of her children had predeceased her. In a career that flood for almost eight decades, she will always be remember as one of the journal prized and respected actress of Mexican show.
Birth Notes: Lugo, Lugo, Galicia, Spain
Spouse: 'Paco Martínez (I)' (qv) (? - 20 February 1956) (his death); 5 children
Death Date: 7 June 1970
Birth Date: 27 December 1879

Lupe Inclán (actress)

María de los Ángeles Loya (actress)

Rita Macedo (actress)
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico (suicide)
Rita Macedo be the daughter of novelist 'Julia Guzmán' (qv). She combustion aloft acting delimited by the 1940s. Macedo was hole married to novelist 'Carlos Fuentes'; next to originator Luis de Llano and their familial be actress/singer/producer 'Julissa (I)' (qv), and TV producer Luis de Llano Macedo. She win the Best Actress Ariel in favour of "Nosotros," an footfall of the multi-part drawing _Tú, yo, nosotros (1970)_ (ironically, one of the other actress nominated was her daughter, Julissa); Macedo also earn a Best Supporting Actress Ariel nomination for _Ensayo de un crimen (1955)_ (qv).
Birth Notes: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Birth Name: Macedo Guzmán, Maria Concepción
Spouse: 'Luis de Llano Palmer', 'Pablo Palomino' (? - ?), 'Carlos Fuentes (I)' (qv) (1959 - 1972) (divorced); 1 child
Death Date: 6 December 1993
Birth Date: 8 December 1925

Carmen Manzano (actress)

Enriqueta Reza (actress)

Ariadna Welter (actress)
Sister of actress 'Linda Christian' (qv)., Aunt of 'Romina Power' (qv) and 'Taryn Power' (qv).
Death Notes: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico (cirrhosis of the liver)
Birth Notes: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Birth Name: Vorhauer, Ariadne Welter
Spouse: 'Gustavo Alatriste' (? - 1960) (divorced)
Death Date: 13 December 1998
Interviews: "Scary Monsters Monster Memories" (USA), December 1999, Iss. 7, pg. 34-36, by: Charles P. Mitchell/Paul Parla, "Heroine Of El Vampiro", "Filmfax" (USA), June 1998, Iss. 67, pg. 61-63, by: Charles P. Mitchell & Paul Parla, "Ariadna Welter "The Vampire's Lady""
Birth Date: 29 June 1930

Emilio Tuero (producer)
Birth Name: Cubillas, Emilio Tuero
Birth Notes: Santander, Spain
Death Date: 22 July 1971
Death Notes: Mexico City, Mexico
Birth Date: 5 April 1912

Manuel Payno (writer)

Alfredo Varela (writer)

Raúl Martínez Solares (cinematographer)

Gonzalo Curiel (composer)
Death Notes: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Birth Notes: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Death Date: 4 July 1958
Birth Date: 10 January 1904

Rogelio A. González (director)
Death Notes: Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico (car crash)
Birth Notes: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Birth Name: Villarreal, Antonio Rogelio González
Father of actor Rojo Grau.
Death Date: 22 May 1984
Birth Date: 27 January 1920

Carlos Savage (editor)

Francisco Marco Chillet (production designer)


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